Action Reverse

Action Reverse

An action reverse bet is technically defined as a pair of If Action bets. The wager is created by placing the first if action and then placing a second if action bet in reverse arrangement. For example if Team Green wins or pushes then Team Blue but in addition, if Team Blue wins or pushes, then Team Green. By using this technique, the investor has the opportunity to win twice the amount of their expected winnings in two games.

Below is an example of a 2 Play Action Reverse Bet


Grizzlies vs. Kings

Knicks vs. Spurs


Grizzlies – 4

Spurs -3.5


If – win, tie or push

If- win, tie or push


$110 to win $100

$110 to win $100


Wins Losses Push Payout
2 0 0 $400
1 1 0 $-120
1 0 1 $200
0 0 2 $0
0 2 0 $-200