Join As A Sports Handicapper


Always wondered if your sports picks can actually bring you money?
Do you have what it takes to become a sports handicapper for Spread Smashers?
Have your sports handicapping picks have been documented and monitored before?

We are frequently emailed by sports handicappers who want to be listed on our website or want to have their own website. We have couple of options for you to Join As A Sports Handicapper.

1. This option would be to join our Spread Smashers Staff. If you currently don’t sell your picks anywhere else, and are able to prove to us you know what you are doing by allowing us to monitor your for a period of time prior to being brought onto our team, then this option might be perfect for you.

2. The other option would be for Spread Smashers to build you your own Sports Handicapping Website. We would build you a custom website based on your needs.

If you really want a shot at being a professional sports handicapper and are interested in one of the two options, please fill out the Contact Us Form and start earning today!