Round Robin

Round Robin

Round Robin wager – is one bet that combines multiple parlays. Most sportsbooks let you pick between 3 to 10 teams and parlay them in sequences of 2-team parlay up to a 6-team parlay. The amount wagered is the same for each parlay. If one of the teams in any of your parlays loses, then all those parlays are lost. If there is a push with one of your teams, then that parlay bet decrease by one team.

Take a look at the example below:

Teams Falcons -3.5 Chargers +6 Seahawks -4
Result Win Win Lose


For this example the wager amount is $100 for every parlay

Parlay Falcons -3.5 & Chargers +6 Falcons -3.5 & Seahawks -4

Chargers +6 & Seahawks -4

Result Win Lose


Amount Won / Lost $260 -$100



With the example above, the player resulted in winning $60 (260 – 100 – 100). The maximum amount a player could win in this scenario is $780 and the most the player could lose is $300. This method can help minimize losses if most of your picks are wins, but it can also result in big losses if majority of your picks are losses.

Round Robin Calculator below can be used to determine payouts: