Teaser Bets

Teaser Bets

Teaser bet – also considered an exotic bet. This bet works just like a parlay bet with the difference being the point spreads are adjusted in the direction the player chooses. Just like a parlay, within the combination of bets a player makes, if one of those bets fails, the teaser bet is lost. By handicapping the point spreads in ones favor, the payout odds are reduced compared to what a parlay would pay. These bets are offered for basketball and football events.

See the examples below:

Example 1 – Basketball Teaser – 3 team – 4 point teaser

Teams Spurs Mavericks Suns
Original Line -5 +4 +8
Teaser (adjusted line) -1 +8 +12


As mentioned earlier, all three bets have to win in order for you to win the Teaser bet. If there is a push with one of your plays, depending on teaser rules your particular bookie or sportsbook has, the bet may be reduced by one team or the total teaser bet may be lost. It is important to check the rules before placing any bet.

Example 2 – Football – 4 team – 7 point teaser

Teams Jets Broncos Seahawks Cowboys
Original Line -4 +7 -3 +3.5
Teaser(adjusted line) +3 +14 +4 +10.5


Teaser bets can be used to adjust both point spreads and total lines. Please use the teaser calculator below to find out your payouts.