If Win Or Tie

If Win Or Tie

If Win bet- The wager is created when a player bets on a certain game, if that wager wins, then the same amount bet on the first game is placed on the second game. If the play on the first game loses, there is no action carried on the second game, action is only carried if the first game is a winner.

Look at the example below.

Teams Celtics Hawks Blazers


Wager Amount $110 $110 $110


If Celtics Win – Action on Hawks

If Hawks win – Action on Blazers

Outcome #1 Win – $100 Win – $100 Win – $100

Win – $300

Outcome #2 Win – $100 Win- $100 Lose- $110

Win – $190

Outcome #3 Win – $100 Lose- $110 no action

Lose- $10

Outcome #4

Lose -$110

no action

no action

Lose -$110


If Win bet is very similar If Action bet. The major difference between these two bets is that when you place a If Action bet you can continue on to the next bet if the wager results in a PUSH. When there is a PUSH, the player will neither win or lose that wager, but action will continue to the next game.